A Military Parade

Dear Laura,

I have lived in the US for 3 and a half years now (where did that time go!) and I have never seen a parade, well that is not until last weekend. And what a parade, it was the memorial day parade in DC so I was imagining they were going to go full soviet style and bring out the tanks and the fighter planes and have a good show of military strength. This isn't really what this parade is about. It was to remember those who have died in all the military conflicts that the US has been involved in. 

This was surprisingly moving, luckily it was all interspersed with school marching bands, some of whom emitted a huge amount of energy and were really exciting. There were also a lot of drums, I love drumming.

This is rolling thunder, a gazillion motorbikes descend on DC for this weekend and parade through the city.

And most excitingly of all, Buzz Aldrin. It was such a surprise I wasn't expecting it at all and gave a shy little wave, I was so excited.

Lots of love



  1. Buzz Aldrin- I'm suitably impressed! Looks like a really exciting parade...

  2. Cool. And I bet everything was bigger and grander on your side of the pond. When it comes to the US and their service men, they really do pull out the stops .. not like over here unfortunately.


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