elderflowers and gooseberries

Dear Annie,

We have been out in the lush green countryside, picking the best that June has to offer us. Elderflowers and gooseberries. Perfect partners.

I feel some baking coming on (not to mention some cordial making)...

Love from,



  1. The pick your own farm in the village here opened yesterday. Apparently the rhubarb is rampant! Elderflowers about a week off ready yet though.

  2. I've made my elderflower cordial already .. keeping me off the wine so far so can't be bad! Did you make your little ones do ALL the work? x

  3. This is one of my absolute favourite foodie combinations! (Add cold rice pudding made with really rich milk & I'm putty in anyone's hands...)

    I'm also waiting for the elderflowers to hit peak perfection- when they do I'm making elderflower champagne...


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