cordial & cake

Dear Annie,

Having made several bottles of elderflower cordial, the perfect accompaniment to a refreshing cold glassful had to be a slice of cake. A Victoria Sponge, made with a tablespoon of cordial in place of the teaspoon of vanilla, and filled with a simple gooseberry fool. Unfortunately I am still not used to my new fan oven, and therefore have a new (and deeply irritating) tendency to slightly over bake cakes so it wasn't a perfect sponge. Nevertheless, this was a little slice of heaven.

Love from,



  1. That does look delicious! I'm now wishing there'd been cake for breakfast!!

  2. Oh it's been lovely to catch up on your posts. Elderflowers are such a favourite of mine and I love the sound of this cake. Happy Monday to you both x

  3. Cake & cordial...can't go wrong!


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