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Dear Laura,

I have some sad bee news. When we went to check on our four hives this weekend we found that two of them had died. We aren't 100% sure why they have died, we think that one was fairly weak anyway. It was the swarm we collected a couple of months ago, the queen never seemed strong and we replaced her three times. Unfortunately none of the queens took so the hive couldn't keep going. The other hive was one of our originals, the strongest hive last year, we think it swarmed this year and the left over bees just weren't strong enough to keep going. It was really sad to open the hives and see just a few slugish and disorientated bees. 
An empty hive
The remaining bees and old comb, a very sad sight. Those frames should be full of honey and brood and bees. 
Figuring out how to remove the frames from the roof to clean them up.

That is enough dwelling on the bad news, now for the good news. Luckily for us we have two hives which seem to be thriving. Opening those hives was a joy. All the bees busy at work, making honey and comb and seeing all the brood ready to hatch out. We are very excited for those hives. We have also got a new hive and set it up at the weekend. We are keeping our fingers crossed this one does well.
A good healthly frame, look at all those bees.
Our new hive, good luck ladies
A good strong one on its second year
I love the bees, they are endlessly fascinating and I am excited to see these hives grow and produce lots of honey for us this year.

Lots of love



  1. P.S. So sad to hear your not-so-happy-bee news though...

  2. sorry you lost some of your news, I hope the new ones settle in well x

  3. The juxtaposition of joy and sorrow; good and bad news. I'm so glad you have had some joy with those bees though. Really I am. You are right; bees are endlessly fascinating and thanks to you I have learned a little more about them reading your blog.


  4. We'd love to keep bees but sadly it's not possible at the moment. For now we try to plant as many bee friendly flowers as we can in our tiny garden to help them along.
    My father kept several hives and I remember playing sneaky dress-up with his netted hat! Hopefully one day I'll be doing it for real.
    Best of luck with your remaining healthy hives.

  5. So sorry about your poor bees - that's really sad news. But hurrah for the healthy ones - let's hope they stay happy and make you lots of honey!


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