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Dear Annie,

At the auction house this week I spotted a spinning wheel in the corner. A dusty, unloved spinning wheel but a beauty nonetheless. A knitter I may be, but I don't know the first thing about spinning. Nevertheless, I couldn't resist.

D's Mum, who spins, took a careful look and told me that it was an Ashford wheel and that it seemed in working order. D's Dad, who loves a good auction, bid on my behalf. It was mine for a mere £26.

And now? Having been carefully washed and oiled (again, thanks to D's lovely Mum), it sits in the corner of my craft room. Waiting for me to gather together enough free moments. Soon, little spinning wheel, soon.

Love from,



  1. What a bargain! You are so lucky to have someone to help you decide it was a good wheel. I wouldn't have a clue and would have to rope in others. Have fun with your spinning adventures, it looks like a wonderful hobby.

  2. oh my, what fun lies ahead for you and how wonderful to get that little beauty working again. I'm just wondering whether you'll be bidding on sheep next though? :D

  3. oh my oh my - my heart is racing! I would love to try spinning! Do you watch the Knitgirllls? Very inspiring!
    I am from the home of Ashford wheels - NZ. Pretty good stuff I'd say :) You'll be dyeing your own yarn soon - pity we don't live closer, I've got some good books (as yet untested....)

  4. Lovely! I have recently taken up spinning (2 months ago) and I have to say it is an addictive but very enjoyable hobby/craft. I utilised youtube a lot while I was learning. I am onto my third bobbin and it is looking good. Can't wait to see how you get on. Sam xox

  5. Oh, she's a beauty. Even if you never do get round to using her, a very worthwhile purchase.


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