second birthday party

Dear Annie,

My friend Natalie and I organised a joint birthday for R (turning two) and her son J, who has just turned three. We braved the weather and held the party outside in a meadow. It wasn't a warm morning, but it was a lovely one.

Love from,


PS: I made the flags with initials (for R's guests to take home) using this tutorial. The cocktail stick flags (to decorate the cupcakes) were made by Natalie.


  1. oh what a cute party! xxx hope you got a nice large glass of wine afterwards!

  2. We do numbers here too - so cute! I love the wee flags - that is a cool idea :)

  3. We do numbers, but we use cheese biscuits and they are mostly eaten by the parents. Your flags are genius but my favourite has to be the animal cupcakes - so cute!


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