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Dear Annie,


Since my fifteenth birthday -when my Dad gave me an Olympus Trip and set me up a darkroom in our downstairs loo- I have been interested in photography. It is only since we began this blog, however, that I found myself taking photographs pretty much every day. With a blogger's eye, I notice tiny details. I look for beauty in the ordinary and for charm in the commonplace. Like any mother, I also try to remember to regularly take photographs of my children. These are not generally photographs which I share here, because that is not the focus of our blog. I do, however, read and enjoy many other blogs with such a focus. My favourite of these has always been Slugs on the Refrigerator, a beautiful blog by Kat Goldin.

Along with Kat Molesworth from Housewife Confidential, Kat recently began a new venture offering e-courses in photography, with an emphasis on photographing children: Capturing Childhood. The Kats ran a competition, with the prize of a scholarship for their inaugural course: Collect the Moments. They were looking for a picture which told a story, shared through Twitter or Instagram.

Instagram is a relatively new obsession for me, and I loved having the impetus to use it as a tool to capture tiny instants in the lives of my boys which would otherwise have been forgotten.

When Kat G sent me a message to say that out of all the entries, they had chosen me as the recipient of the scholarship, I was both shocked and delighted. The course starts on Monday, and I absolutely cannot wait to begin.

Love from,


(Photographs taken on my phone using Instagram, where I am @steadyeyebrows )


  1. Congratulations Laura! You really do have a good eye for a superb shot! X

  2. Oh my congratulations hun! I love your instagram photos... it's such a great to connect with people. I feel I know my blog friends a whole lot more and better through it. I can't wait to see how your photography develops through the course. Have a great weekend love. xx

  3. Wow! Laura that's fantastic!!!! I love your photos - they are just lovely. Enjoy the course :)

  4. I have always thought that you have a very special eye for a photograph. You are very talented at many things my lovely friend x

  5. We are so excited to have you join us x

  6. Congratulations Laura, keep up the good work. How exciting for you, I look forward to following your journey x


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