Dear Annie,

 {reversible apron- charity shop find}

{project bag -charity shop find}
{Durham quilt- auction find}

I am an absolute magpie when it comes to vintage textiles. In any charity shop, auction rooms, carboot sale or jumble sale, it is always the textiles that draw my eye. I cannot resist a pretty print, and nothing makes my heart beat faster than spotting a paisley eiderdown or a patchwork quilt.

These are a few of my more recent acquisitions. One of the things that I love most about them is that they are useful as well as beautiful. Although I have to confess that I am not often found to be wearing a half apron, even one as charming as this. I initially bought it with a view to re-using the fabric but it is so beautifully made (reversible with contrast pockets on both sides) that I may have to take to serving afternoon tea just in order to give it an airing!

Love from,



  1. Gorgeous finds! Love that apron, I could do with one of those... note to self - spend more time pottering around junk shops! x

  2. oh, sooooo pretty!!! I love the wee apron - but I agree - my spills generally end up on my top ;)
    The bag is super cute - loving the handles, but the quilt!!! You lucky thing!!!!!

  3. Heavens to Betsey, the quilt. GORGEOUS x


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