By the Water's Edge

Dear Readers,

We've been to the beach

Sand monsters and paddling, hot chocolate and ice cream, it was a lovely sunny day in North Devon.

lots of love

Annie and Laura


  1. it looks like a beautiful and happy trip xxx

  2. I love North Devon beaches - and would you look at the sun!!! Send some eastwards will you??!

  3. My goodness! I can almost SMELL the sea looking at those glorious pictures. It looks like you both all had a fabulous day. I truly believe, after spending seven years of my life living on the Normandy coast, that a few hours by the sea is one of the best ways to find one's inner balance.


  4. Sorry; feel free to erase 'both' or 'all' as you see fit ;-)

  5. I think that looks like th perfect way to spend a day. Wonder whether I can convince the husband to head to the coast today - we have sun!


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