violet: for spring lovers

Dear Annie,

I couldn't resist this little box of sweets. Partly because I have a real fondness for parma violets, but mainly because I am easily swayed by beautiful packaging and I loved the tagline. Violet: for Spring Lovers. Whether you are a lover of the springtime or a lover in the springtime, these are evidently the flowers (and the sweets) for you.

When I think of Spring flowers, I don't always remember violets, but this Spring I have been noticing their shy little faces hidden in the churchyard and the woods, or down beside the stream. They are such sweet and pretty little flowers. 

It also got me thinking of the colour violet, which is certainly one of which this particular spring lover is inordinately fond. Once I started looking, I saw it all around me.

Of course this is not violet, but lilac. To my unbridled delight, I discovered a lilac bush in our new garden. It is still partially in bud at the moment, but I check every day to see when it will fully, gloriously and fragrantly bloom. I shall be sure to show you when it does.

Love from,


PS: Thank you to Ellen at A Pile of Sheep for the blog award. We appreciate you thinking of us! xx

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