Two Packages!

Dear Laura,

It has been a pretty tough week this week so when I arrived home today to find this package for me from you, it brightened my day no end. There is nothing like an unscheduled gift to make life super exciting just the package is enough.

And of course what was in it certainly didn't disappoint.

This fabulous contraption, no excuses for the wrong needle size now! and I loved the ball of wool ostrich.

A thimble to make sure I stop pricking myself when I am sewing

And of course these handsome chaps

Thanks so much, it made me remember all those random gifts you bought me in thailand, I had forgotten just how ace it is to receive spontaneous gifts! You really are the best.

This however was not the only package I received. This weekend we also got a new package of bees, here they are settling in...

Lots of love



  1. Both packages look fantastic. Mr Myrtle would be very keen on the second :)

  2. What a lovely friend, and a lovely suprise!

    Fleur xx

  3. What a haul, though it is not an Ostrich but an Emu - to represent Emu yarns. that took me back a lot of years!


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