tiny achievements

Dear Annie,

It has been a quiet and rather monotonous weekend for us. Little R was poorly, the poor mite, and so -despite various plans- he and I have stayed at home. There has been a lot of sofa-snuggling and watching of Thomas the Tank Engine. On days like these, it helps to take pleasure in tiny achievements. This weekend, they have been the potting of some herbs for my kitchen windowsill (thanks, S and D!) and the blocking of my blanket.
Sometimes, it has to be just the little things that count.

Love from,



  1. your herbs look lovely, simple pleasures indeed. hope the little one is feeling better soon x

  2. I agree - simple pleasures make the world go round :)
    Hope your little man feels better soon.
    I have tins like that wanting to be used....what a great idea! They'd look lovely on my windowsill!

  3. you'll be able to make a tomato and mozerella salad with the basil soon xx


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