Thumb Sweat Bands

Dear Laura,

I have been having a little bit of an 80s revival of late, I recently rediscovered the classic flock of seagulls song, I ran (so far away), which I have been listening to on repeat and annoying my fellow office workers by humming along to it under by breath. To make up for it, I made some commissioned thumb sweat bands/thumb warmers (I think I need to work on the name) for one of my fellow office workers. She has a terrible habit of picking at her cuticles (gross) and so the idea was to put something over her thumbs to stop her from doing it.

A strange commission but it turns out that it isn't too difficult to make tiny little tubes. I got out my double ended needles and attempted, fairly successfully, rib stitch in the round. I chose some multicoloured wool to make them more interesting. 

Kindly my lunch was bought for me as thank you, lovely korean tacos, yum!
So what do you think, a new trend for spring/summer 2013, taking your thumbs back to the 80s. I think so!

Lots of love



  1. I have some friends who would definitely benefit from a pair of those. quite brilliant! x

  2. very interesting and unique! If they dont have the desired outcome, they could always be knitted mini skirts for barbie dolls. your lunch looked fab.

  3. I am all for 80's revival. And I LOVE the tiny thumb-warmers. They remind me of the little white plasters Michael Jackson used to wear on his fingers!!
    Bring it on- I reckon these will be a winner!


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