Swarming Bees and Space Shuttles

Dear Laura,

I have had quite an exciting week, first there was the swarm of bees. It turns out our hives are doing so well that one of the hives swarmed, they do this when they don't have enough space. A new queen is produced and half the hive flies away with the old one to find a new home. Luckily for us the bees swarmed whilst R was at home.

Here they are swarming

They settled in our very patient neighbours cherry tree which R climbed to rescue them and put them into their new home.

Here they are settling in. So we have expanded and hopefully both hives will thrive this year. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

Today, as a goodbye to the manned space program, the space shuttle discovery did a flyby of DC. I was sitting at my desk to hear cheering from outside. Running to the window I saw the shuttle on the back of a 747, it was awesome. The picture is less good as only my phone was to hand.

Sometimes living in the city is magic. 

Lots of love



  1. Wow! how cool - the bees and the space shuttle! If that is big city life, it sure sound good to me :)

  2. Hi! I thought I'd nominate you for a "Versatile Blogger Award" on account of your blog being pretty great - I hope you'll accept.

    I've put all the details up here: http://apileofsheep.wordpress.com/2012/04/18/versatile-blogger-award/

  3. Fantastic! Did R spot the queen? Would they have made a hive in the cherry tree? The settled yet? More bee bee see news please!


  4. You won't believe how incredibly green with envy I am that you saw that! I love the shuttle programme and I was so sad to see it go :-( Seeing it fly past your windows must have been incredible.

    I also want to commend and congratulate you for your bee keeping - we need more bee's :D


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