little treats

Dear Annie,

Weekends are the time for small but lovely treats:

 {goodies from a much-anticipated visit to Wool}

{a bunch of seasonal fresh flowers bought from a local farm}

 {vanilla buns with chocolate buttercream & mini eggs, inspired by Nancy}

Love from,


PS: Next weekend, the car boot sale season starts again here. To say I am excited would be an understatement. Just think of all those treasures out there, waiting to be found...


  1. looks like a very lovely weekend to me! I went to a carboot yesterday and bought 6 very nice plant pots, one of which broke on the way home..... oh well.....

  2. I want to make mini egg topped fairy cakes too, the problem is I keep eating all the mini eggs before they get anywhere near a cake! Love car boots, will be interested to see what treasures you find.

  3. oooh chocolate egg cup cakes! We are so making these!!!!
    Love your little finds...and car boots sales! fantastic :)

  4. Those covered buttons are lovely! Is that Wool in Bath? :) x

  5. I love the pictures of the flowers....the lighting is amazing.


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