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Dear Annie,

Weekends are the perfect time for baking, particularly because the boys' daddy is at home to distract them. I do love baking with them, and we do so often, but it just cannot be a relaxing experience when you have two small and enthusiastic assistants. Last week, I left a bag of cake ingredients unattended on the work surface whilst I answered the phone and came back to find R, surrounded by eggy mess, knocking eggs together and saying "tap tap!" So on Saturday, I declared that I would be doing some baking alone, with just the radio for company.

Years ago, I tore this recipe out of the Guardian and put it in my recipe file. It remained there until last week, when I read about Hugh's Honey Cake on Flossie Teacakes and decided that the time had come to bake it.

It is a recipe for a rich almond cake which is drizzled liberally with honey as soon as it come out of the oven. The honey gives it a glossy sheen and a subtly resonant flavour. It really was one of the most delicious cakes that I have ever baked. The boys loved it, and I couldn't possibly tell you how many slices D had! Given that you and R are urban beekeepers, you must have plenty of honey in your kitchen. If you ever fancy a spot of baking, I urge you to give it a try.

I found the honey pot in the top picture at a local vintage shop. I love it, but I rather wondered if you might like to have it? Perhaps you could fill it with fresh honey- such luxury!

Having so enjoyed their honey, it seemed only fair to do something for the bees in return by planting these bee-friendly wildflower seeds which are available free from Friends of the Earth.

Love from,



  1. I love this cake! It is totally yum - the carrot one in the same book is great too... in fact the whole book is great... :)
    I am loving your honey pot! I have a couple of pretty honey pots... I'm rather taken with them!

  2. That looks very good indeed. I'm thinking ideal for packed lunches too ... Hugh FW is a bit clever isn't he? Every recipe of his I've ever tried has been gorgeous.

  3. Ooh I do love almonds and honey, think it would be foolish not to give it a try..
    Love that honey pot, very cute x

  4. Oh my, that looks so yummy! I agree about the cute honey pot.
    ali x


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