blanket after blocking

Dear Annie,

I promise that this will be the last post about my Hap Blanket before I move on to knitting pastures new. I just had to show you the finished article, now that it has been blocked. 

I am a fairly reluctant blocker, but on this occasion I feel positively evangelical about blocking. Knitted lace seems to improve immeasurably for being gently washed and carefully pinned out. The scallops on the edging are now neat and defined, and the whole blanket seems smoother and silkier, with a lovely drape to it. 

The project details are on Ravelry. It's raining in torrents here, so I'm off to the sofa, to snuggle under my blanket with my knitting and a cup of tea!

Love from,



  1. Your blanket is just beautiful. Snuggling and tea on the sofa sounds perfect!

  2. Now, that does look very snuggly indeed. Lovely!

  3. Gorgeous blanket, it looks great!

  4. Your blanket looks great! I've been considering a feather and fan edged baby blanket, but have not yet made the leap....this inspires. :)


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