The Beginnings of a Dress

Dear Laura,

Over here in the US we don't get the Easter bank holidays, it still feels like a holiday to me so I set aside Sunday to make a dress. Of course with all the running about and too-ing and fro-ing that accompanies a hectic weekend I didn't start sewing until 4pm. So for now I will just show you the beginnings.

I have a way to go, I am going to call it my Teacup dress. It is for a wedding, I hope it will be appropriate, you'll have to tell me once it is finished.

lots of love



  1. You don't get the holiday! Oh no!
    But, the dress is going to be cool - loving the tea cups :)

  2. Ooooh cute! Can't wait to see the finished frock.

  3. LOVE the teacup fabric! :) x


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