Dear Laura,

I have discovered ebay, well to be more precise I have discovered my ebay addicts niche. It occured to me the other day, whilst pondering my next sewing project, that of all the places in the world where there will be the most random selection of vintage and new fabric, ebay most surely has the greatest selection. And so I found an addiction, extremely quickly I bought 2 different fabrics. Just like that, at the click of a button.

 (this will be a tea cup dress, just in time for summer. Fabric: Bermuda metro cafe Monaluna Kitchen Teacups, Robert Kaufman)

(this I think will be an apron but the fabric might be a little shinny)

Well that was easy but they were "buy it now", the bidding is a much more stressful occasion. But there it was, a fabric that caught my eye and my heart and there was already a bid on it. So I mustered all my courage and put a bid on it myself. Then I had to wait. Oh the pain. One day and 4 hours later I watched the clock tick down praying the original bidder would not come back and start a war I was bound  to loose (most likely financially). Luckily they didn't return and this wonderful fabric is now mine, all mine!

(Fabric: Liberty prints Lawn Pauly Parrot)

Now it has since occured to me that people might not be quite as keen as me to have a bidding war over 1/2 a meter of liberty second hand fabric. But I am still waiting on an auction and I am still nervous that someone is going to come and snap up my fabric from under my nose. I am not sure I can bare the loss.

Lots of love



  1. oh dear - I shouldn't have this information! oh dear - can't look!

  2. I have seen some seriously ludicrous bidding wars on vintage fabrics! The USA has the best stuff and so much of it, worth checking the world search options!

  3. Well done, you!!
    Fabulous finds- I do love eBay. I think you can buy everything you would ever need in life from there.
    I always get a bit nervous bidding, too- so glad you won yours.

  4. Oh no... this is a slippery slope ..... it get's addictive!!

    Seriously, I've had some great fabric and yarn bargains on ebay, so hope you are the winning bidder.

    Fleur xx


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