Why Thank You, I made it Myself

Dear Laura,

Things have been rather up in the air over on this side of the pond. We have been doing "work" on the house. Basically destroying it in the name of renovation. Now as you can see there is a hole in my floor

and in my ceiling

We have been taking the back chimney out. Originally we covered the hole in plastic so that the dust wouldn't get everywhere, then lowered the bricks carefully out of the window (I was stiff all week, I have no upper body strength)

Having managed to do three quarters of it ourselves (to be fair R did most of the work), we got some builders to do the rest, unfortunately, there was no covering the hole with plastic or anything sensible like that, so the dust from the destruction flew up the now none existant chimney and settled in an even thick layer all over the house. All over the house, there is dust in even the furthest corner of the house.

It seems the dust arrived along with spring here in DC, the magnolias are coming out and it was a gorgeous 20 degrees the other day. Just in time for an extensive spring clean.

Here are some other holes we have made.

Why thank you they are impressive aren't they, we made them ourselves.

Lots of love



  1. I hate renovations. it will all be worth it in the end.

  2. oh the dust..i really feel for you..


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