sunday sewing: bunting

Dear Annie,

When I spotted a 'Sunday Sewing' workshop in the brochure for a local arts centre, I couldn't wait to sign up. 

  {Love the knitting-covered sign!}

This Sunday afternoon, I spent three glorious hours in a quiet, light, spacious room, with two other ladies, our knowledgeable tutor, two sewing machines and a bagful of fabric scraps. Absolute heaven. 

We were making bunting. Although I own several strings of bunting (now christened 'birthday bunting', because that is when they invariably make an appearance), two were made by you and one by Tess. I have never had a go myself. It was a perfect project for a soothing afternoon. Simple sewing, and plenty of playing about with colour and fabric combinations, and using up treasured scraps (some of which you probably recognise). I opted for rectangles, as a change, and was rather pleased with how they turned out.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there could be Sunday sewing every week!?

Love from,



  1. I love making bunting! Never made it square before though. Yours looks lovely! Every time I've made bunting for someone's birthday they've absolutely loved it. Definitely a wonderful gesture :)

  2. Sunday sewing- how civilised!

  3. What a nice way to spend a Sunday.
    Love the bunting.

  4. sunday sewing. now there's a lovely thought. xxx gorgeous bunting. looks like a string of prayer flags xoxox

  5. Love that idea, pity there's not a day starting with a K, so I could knit all day too!

    (ps. wonder how long the person was stood there sewing up the tube on the signpost! and how many funny looks must they have had!)

    Fleur xx

  6. I like the idea of a lovely few hours crafting with a few like minded people. We had a few trees covered with knitting near the town hall. I wondered how many people worked on it. It was very eye catching.

    Love the bunting - first time I've seen one done with squares :)


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