The Smoking Apron

Dear Laura,

One of my eBay purchases arrived yipppeeee! When I opened it a rather strong smoke odour flew up my nose and I dropped the fabric in shock. I am not sure yet how to get rid of this smell, I washed it four times today with soap and the water ran out yellow from the years of accumulated smoke in the fabric (bluurrrgggg!). I think this was part of a curtain in a smoking household. Nancy over at figs and roses told me that it might help to put it outside and let the fresh air take care of it. I am going to give that a go and hope for the best. But first...

I couldn't wait to use the fabric, I bought it because it made me think of my sister. I made her an apron a few years ago and I wasn't happy with the fabric I used. I wanted to use something much more like this. So when I saw it I thought perfect, I can rectify my mistake.

It is a little shorter than I would like but that is all the fabric I got and I think it just about works

This is my favourite photo as it basically sums me up in the kitchen, rather unsure what to do and hoping that someone with some sense will take over shortly.

Lots of love


p.s. I'll get the smoke smell out before I send it. I hope. Any other thoughts tips ideas are most certainly welcome.


  1. I agree, with giving it a good airing to get the odour out.

  2. You could try bicarbonate of soda and vinegar.
    I used this once for a top I bought from a charity shop:
    I made a paste with the vinegar and bicarbonate, coated the garment it and let it sit overnight in the sink.
    The next morning I washed it as usual and all the horrid smell had gone!
    Hope that works for you.
    LOVE the cute apron!

  3. Beautiful fabric - I love it! I wonder if a squirt of lemon or vanilla in with the wash might help? I agree a good flap on the line outside will only be good too!

  4. I was a given a beautiful fabric parasol which stunk of smoke, but fresh air has thankfully rid it of it's smell! Lovely fabric :)
    Helen x

  5. the apron and the kitchen are lovely. hope you can make it smell fresher x

  6. Sad to hear you were disappointed with the smoke smell, this happened to me a few years ago and I couldn't get the smell out, so now before I bid I always ask the seller whether it is from a smoke free household? Some fabric sellers make a point of stating this.

    Hope you are successful in getting the smell out.
    Fleur x

  7. Hey Annie! you could try putting it in a bag with a bar of nice smelling soap - a friend of mine got sick in her handbag (don't ask) and her mum told her to put a bar of soap in it and it worked! Worth a try and a very cheap and lazy tip at any rate :)

  8. Amazing fabric! love it!

  9. by the way, make sure you keep it in the shade if you put it outside. I use the sun to bleach all the stained nappies and it works wonders, even over here where as you know, we do not have proper sun.

  10. i'm so glad it worked! i left a skirt on our balcony which stank of bbq smoke (much nicer than cigarette smoke but still very strong) and it's now fresh as a daisy :) nancy x


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