The promise of things to come

Dear Laura,

I am in a DIY frenzy and a sewing lull. Alas the two for now are not compatible. Time it seems waits for no man, or woman not even if they are painting cupboards. However, to cheer myself up everyday I look at, and add to my pile of "favourite" materials, these are the ones I am desperate to play with as soon as possible.

 (A Cushion)
 (An ironing board cover)
 ( I don't know but I love it)
 (scrummy blue leather, not sure what to do with this either)
(a seat cover)

I am excited to get these things made so I can admire them and enjoy the fabric fully. 

In the last few days all the magnolias have burst into life with all the other trees budding, along with this, the bees are doing their orientation flights and the clock changed last night to give us extra daylight at night time, I am going to declare spring officially here. I love coming out of the winter it gives me so much hope for warm leaf filled flowery months. Hopefully this is also a sign that the DIY will be over soon and I can start back on the sewing.

Lots of Love


p.s. I love your owl mug cosys, *cough and mutters under breath* what a lovely present that would make hint hint hint...

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