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Dear Annie,

As you know, I have been collecting colourful plastic knitting needles since an ebay bargain last year. I'm afraid that I am drawn to them for purely aesthetic reasons- I find plastic too slippery to actually knit with. They have accumulated, a pair or two at a time, from a charity shop here, a junk shop or car boot sale there. I love the way that they add a splash of cheerful rainbow colour to my crafting space.

Rather marvellously, my Mothers Day present from the boys was  a brooch made from vintage knitting needles. Could it be more perfect?! It was hand-made by Rachel Tesselaar, who encases the needles in resin. So clever, and so pretty- look:

It came from Howkapow, which I urge you to go and take a look at. Not just because the owners, Cat and Rog, are Bristol-based and lovely (although that is true), not just because they have recently been featured in Mollie Makes (although that is true too), not even because they are very good friends of my brother's (although that is also true) ... but because they have all sorts of gorgeous things, including knitting needle brooches, and perhaps best of all, it appears that they are now on sale!

Love from,



  1. oooo lovely! off to take a peek!

  2. Thank goodness that everyone is different and has passions for different things! I love your collection of needles - art all by themselves! Thanks for sharing!

  3. A late visit from Handmade Monday, but then I would have missed this fabulous collection of needles, and now I'm off to take a look at Howkapow!
    Jo x


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