Happy Mother's Day

Dear Laura,

It's Mother's day this weekend, in England anyway, not here, here it is just spring. I love Mother's day cards,  I feel like I can let my inner child out for the day and play with glitter, fabric, crayons, wool, or whatever takes my fancy and make a card. This year I choose fabric scraps, wool scraps, Sellotape and paper. 

Do you like it? I am rather pleased with how it turned out. Unfortunately I only sent it today so it is going to be a rather late mothers day card. It seems Mother's day does not coincide with organised daughter week (sorry mum!).

I hope you have a wonderful Mother's day

Lots of love



  1. Your card is lovely, it puts my shop bought one to shame! Next year Mum I promise....(I think I remember saying that last year!) x

  2. What a pretty card. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  3. A very beautiful card, I always think that hand made cards are best!

    Fleur xx


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