endings and beginnings

Dear Annie,

The short season of Magnolia blossom is almost over. The flowers on our tree are getting increasingly sparse. We have had blue skies here for a whole week, and warm sunshine  to accompany them. I have even managed to find a few moments - on the odd occasion - for al fresco crafting, settling down with my knitting in the sunny spot beneath the tree to watch the children playing in the garden.

My hap blanket is almost finished now. It would have been completed quite some time ago had some mis-counting of stitches not forced me to unpick. Only a few repeats of the lace border remain.

Of course, as one project comes to an end, my eye is already on the next one. I am following one Ysolda pattern with another, this time from her new pattern collection, Saturday Treat. I bought it for myself as just that, a little treat, and it was a pleasing day when it arrived on the doormat.

The patterns all use Scrumptious, a yarn with a silky luminosity that appealed to me from the moment I first set eyes on it. I have elected to make the Barley Sugar cowl pictured on the cover, but I chose yarn in the Wine Gum colourway from Tangled Yarn.

 Just as there is new knitting on the horizon, so too is there new blossom getting ready to take centre stage. Our Cherry tree will soon be replacing the Magnolia with its display of springtime beauty. In nature as in knitting, an ending is always followed by a beginning.

Love from,


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