Canadian Babies

Dear Laura,

My friends are having a baby, hooray! A Canadian baby no less, even though neither are Canadian. I wanted to help the baby understand the flora and forna of its birth land so I hunted for some appropriate material, I think I found just the thing... 

Moose and bears, that pretty much sums it up doesn't it (I don't know a lot about Canada).

Now both I and her parents (and most other people I know) are not terribly keen on the gender stereotyping that begins from birth. So I have tried to stay away from the typical blues and pinks in my sewing as well as trains and cars for boys and princesses and fairies for girls. I know inevitably that these things will arrive in their lives but I want to be the one who gives them alternatives, the world has such a wealth of exciting things that it seems such a shame to limit children so severely from the very start.

So here it is, a green dress, with animals, without bows in their hair or bears wearing tutus or driving trains or other such bizarre things. I hope they like it, I know I do, I love the owl the most.

 (it was a bit windy when I was taking the photos)
(the white house is obscured by the dress, but it is there)

There is one other thing I would like to mention about this dress, when I started sewing the hem it came out like this.

Sometimes it does that, I am trying to work out whether it is the way the bobbin is wound or the way the cotton spool is wound. When I changed to yellow thread it was fine.

Any idea how to stop that from happening?

lots of love



  1. Very cute dress! I wonder if your bobbin was not in properly? Might have pulled out of the tension catch thingy or may coming to the end? Not terribly techy, but I find whipping the bobbin out and then popping it back in often fixes this...

  2. oh the dress is oh so pretty but I am distracted by the flower buds just about to burst into life. lovely x


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