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Dear Annie,

I have a bit of a thing for retro knitted striped tea cosies. As far as I am concerned, they combine some of my favourite things in the world- knitting, tea and vintage style. I have every intention of knitting one at some point (and the Ravelry queue to prove it). Luckily, my tea won't be getting cold in the meantime because I have two vintage beauties. 

The top cosy I found in a vintage shop on St Catherine's Hill in fabulous Frome and the bottom cosy belonged to my beloved Granny Tiger. I often see others in various vintage emporiums but have so far resisted on the basis that I only have two teapots, and so one more could only be the start of a collection.

It was my birthday at the weekend, and I was treated to a morning to myself to have a little mooch around Bristol. I was delighted to find this beautiful print by Katie from As Petals Fall at the Harbourside Market- how could I resist?! Funnily enough, I had been looking covetously at her work online just the other week, but I didn't make the connection until I got home. Even D, who is not exactly a tea cosy fan, was taken with it, and not even because it happens to be in the colours of Bristol City FC!

A pot of tea brewing, and to go with it, a slice of cake. A beautiful birthday cake, handmade for me by my wonderful boys. 


Love from,



  1. oooh I Love teacosies, especially birthday ones! xxxx

  2. Bless them, it looks a good one. Love your tea cosies too, very cheery indeed. Do they make your tea taste nicer as well?

  3. I don't how long I have been meaning to knit a tea cosy - these are fab!


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