snowdrop sunday

Dear Annie, 

Last weekend we went to see the snowdrops in the garden of the nearby National Trust house. There was still some residual snow on the ground and it was lovely to see the flowers peeking through their frozen coverlet.

Back at home in the warm, it seemed the perfect opportunity to get involved in Emma and Cathy's Den Building Week.

It may look like cushions, blankets and an ironing board, but to those in the know, it's a home for a veritable menagerie of imaginary creatures!

Love from,



  1. That's so funny- my kids have been building dens under the kitchen table this week. (many banged heads and bumped knees in the process, but they've loved it!

  2. thanks for the amazing pictures!

  3. Great pictures- I especially like the one of the man loking a bit grumpy as he's being half-strangled by ivy...

  4. That den looks so cosy. Room for one more?!


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