Not quite a Granny a Day

Dear Laura,

Buoyed by you and Claire at noknittedknickers I have been revisiting my granny squares.First I piled them up in towers
Then I sorted them into colour piles
Then I made a giant tower

Which fell over
So I made a snake
Once I had finished pretending my crochet squares were lego and knowing the foolishness of laying them on the bed to see how far I have got, I spaciously laid them on the floor to make myself feel better.
Then I put them back in their storage box
The one thing I didn't do of course was actually crochet another square! Ho hum... well I have done a few since the new year, here is my 2012 crop.
Whenever I need that extra little push I search the internet to find this picture "Helsinki Cathedral Steps"

Lots of love



  1. These are looking just lovely. I have been a bit of a slack Alice this week and have only managed two or three this week. But back at it tomorrow. The perfect weather for it. Cx

  2. they look great ( I have to say my granny squares are still no further after 2 years!) will check out the link.

    1. I am a year down. I need some serious work on these

  3. they are great and I am very jealous. I wish I could crochet.

    1. This is my first project I should have gone for something quicker

  4. thanks! I am excited although it will be a long time before i can tuck my knees under them.

  5. They look delicious! X


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