Cushions and Blankets

Dear Laura,

When I was visiting you I did a little photo shoot of all the things that I have made you over the years. And my there are a lot! I think you have been the lucky recipient of nearly all my crafts some better than others (we won't mention little S's rather strangely shaped jumper). Either you are very polite and you have a very good memory, and put all those things out just for my visit, or you actually quite like them. I hope it is the second because making things for you is so much fun, a happy recipient is all anyone needs to encourage some more sewing/knitting. Here are some of the things I found.

A teacup cushion...

and a little boys blanket...

Ok so I didn't find the blanket draped over the back of the sofa, it was actually in the blanket box, R retrieved it for me. It was easier to photograph on the sofa.

Thanks for liking the strange creations that come out of my head and in doing so encouraging me to make more.

Lots of love


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