Crocheting on the Metro

Dear Laura,

We had some snow, look at these poor daffs thinking it was spring and suddenly being plunged into sub zero temperatures.
It was pretty cold this weekend so we tried to remain firmly indoors. As I mentioned last week, it has been rather hard to motivate myself (as well as find the time) to do my granny squares. So on Saturday I decided to attempt crocheting on the Metro as we wound our way to the Portrait Gallery. I felt this was rather brave as I have tried knitting before and it was all elbows and pointed looks. 
It turns out crocheting is much easier. Less nudging the person next to you and much more actual knotting and winding and creating. 

Look I even managed a whole square!
Here is one of my favourite exhibits at the gallery. It is a gorgeous building as well but I will leave those photos for another time.
Initial crochet success means that I am going to try to granny on my commute. Wish me luck!

Lots of love


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  1. Go for it. I get around by car these days - not very conducive to hooking, unless I can persuade Mr. P to drive. Having a slump on the granny front too. Only 2 last week - crappola. Love that exhibit. C.x


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