Stitching Together- part two

Dear Readers,

Our shopping bags are complete...

Laura's bag was made with some Laura Ashley rose-print fabric that was a gift from a friend, and lined with some Amy Butler Midwest Modern fabric. The straps were made from vintage ribbon.

Annie's bag was made with a printed polycotton fabric and lined with some vintage flower-print fabric that came from a jumble sale.

We are both delighted with how our bags turned out, and interested to see how the same pattern can look so different and be so easily customised.

We're thinking of writing a tutorial for the bag, so if you would be interested, do let us know.

Love from,

Laura and Annie


  1. Very pretty! I would be interested in a tutorial.

  2. very lovely indeed, and clearly very good homes for dinosaurs too!

  3. Lovely! Would love a tutorial.

  4. I like them both- very much indeed- the dinosaurs are quite an addition!

  5. I love both the bags! How long did they take to make? I would be very interested in a tutorial please. x

  6. i love the bags because they are soft and uncomplicated in their design and i could try and replicate them but i've been staring at this and the previous post trying and i can't work out how you sewed the lining and main fabric together so that you could turn it outside out..so, in other words, a tutorial would be great..jane

  7. A tutorial would be grand please, they're lovely!


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Annie and Laura x

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