Patchwork Quilts

Dear Laura,

You might have seen this quilt before. It is of course the one I made for little S lots of years ago. When little S came in to play I asked him about the blanket. The conversation went a little like this:

"I made this for you before you were born"
"Because I thought you might like it"
"Because it has a lot of colours,"
"I didn't know which colours you liked then so I put lots in, do you like the colours?"
"I like blue and black and brown, because they are boy colours, and orange, orange is a boy colour too."

So that's cleared that up!

Little R seemed much keener though ... Whilst I was playing fighting dinosaurs or some such game little R ran over to the box in your living room and was trying to open it. Obviously the box is about 4 times as big as him and he was unsuccessful in opening it, so I helped him. I was a little confused about what was in this box, but there it was the patchwork quilt I had made all those years ago, little R even pointed to it. Well that pleased me no end, so we got it out and played on top of it. (top marks for little R). 

Lots of love



  1. So pretty - and I love the boy colours, and the girl colours too!

  2. dinosaurs love quilts too xoxox

  3. I like all the colours too...(Glad I now know that orange is a boy colour!)


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