Owl Arm Warmers

Dear Laura,

Christmas is a distant memory now, but as I was going through my Christmas holiday snaps, I realized that I hadn't shown you these Owl hand warmers I gave my sister and nephew for Christmas.

The wool came from Arizona, more about that here. I originally wanted to knit it into socks for me, but couldn't quite find the motivation. As I was knitting what I thought were going to be socks I realised they were probably going to be too small. So instead I copied the owl on your mug cosy and set to work making leg warmers for my nephew. When I saw him before christmas he was still not too keen on wearing trousers so my sister would put him in leg warmers. His parents were teenagers in the 80s after all! 

But how large is a child's leg? Well a child's leg is probably the same size as an adults arm I thought to myself, therefore, as my brain is likely to process, why not make leg warmers for him to wear at home then transfer them to arm warmers for my sister when she is out and about. Genius I hear you cry. Well that is what I thought, unfortunately, it seems like my lovely nephew has decided that trousers are a good idea now, so it looks like they are just going to be arm warmers.

Lots of love



  1. ...leg warmers, arm warmers...I like them either way (I'd probably use them as arm warmers -my leg warmer days are long gone!)

  2. he he ...you made me laugh :o)
    they are gorgeous wherever they are worn!
    love jooles x


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