a granny a day

Dear Annie,

Last year, when we began work on our blankets - as one of our new year's resolutions for 2011 (ahem!)- I decided that I would try to make a granny square a day. Given that the blanket is still far from finished, you can see that I was not entirely successful.

However, my granny blanket has recently been given a new lease of life. First of all, you reminded me of it when you visited with your own crochet grannies. I dug out my own bag of squares and was reminded of how much I loved the colour combinations and the gradual building of a whole.

Then, I read on Twitter that Mollie Makes were starting a granny square a day project. This was the push that I needed to bring my blanket out of hibernation. Along with Claire, Amy and of course your good self, I have been diligently crocheting one granny square a day and sharing it with the #agrannyaday hash tag. A little camaraderie and moral support goes along way (thanks, ladies!) and I'm now eleven squares closer to a completed blanket. Hopefully my dedication will last at least long enough for me to complete a lap-sized blanket, even if I don't manage a king-sized one.

Love from,



  1. all those little squares, so lovely! I tried to make a blanket 2 years ago. I think it is destined to be a cushion cover though......

  2. Beautiful! I do love squares with flashes of white in :)x

  3. Hurrah for grannies! Fabulous colours, I think a granny a day is the only way. I am inspired. I am going to make one right now!

  4. My new years resolution: learn to crochet ;-)

    Your squares look great and by the time you are a granny you will have a lovely blanket.....


  5. I love your granny squares. You have a lovely blog and I am one of your followers now. Greetings...Heidi


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