A Day Out in London

Dear Laura,

I have been visiting the little island in the sea, and my last day was spent in London. I had forgotten how much I like London and I was also lucky enough to see some of my favouritiest people whilst I was there too!

It all started the night before, when I arrived, suitcase in tow, to meet other Laura in the pub. Much to my enjoyment her mum finds many an exciting thing in the attic and often thinks of me, which is great. Take a look at these beauties!

The 70's are so over, 80's knitting patterns are where it is at. The next day started rather slowly, catching up with a friend in a pub ended late and with slightly more pints than I would usually drink. I went to refresh myself for lunch at a lovely vintage cafe in North London, they served the coffee in vintage tea cups and had books and wonderful vintage bits and pieces all over to look at. I was a little self conscious so I didn't take any photos. 

Suddenly I remembered that just off Oxford street there is a tiny alley that takes you to Marimekko. Stupidly expensive but I thought they might have a sale on. Oh and they did. So so pretty.

Some gorgeous material

Finally I finished off the day with N and G at the V and A, I love that museum sooooo much, from the ice rink outside the natural history muesum next door

and the beautiful and varying architecture inside

The incredible glass sculpture

The fantastic court yard with its deep red brick

Oh and the tea rooms, the tea rooms,  we had cream teas, I could have stayed there for ever.

We won't talk about the shop, I could bankrupt myself in there! It really was a lovely day.

lots of love



  1. It does look like a perfect day (I especially want to see that amazing confection of glass at the V&A)

  2. Haven't been to the V&A for aaaages. You've reminded me of just how much I've been missing. How lovely. C.x


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