Time to say a Final Farewell

Dear Laura,

Yesterday I sold my house. My first ever house, now I haven't lived in that house for a very long time, nearly 3 years so really I shouldn't be so sad. In some ways I am relieved but I loved that house. I built a wall in that house, I spent hours with a piece of wall paper falling on my head time after time as I tried to paste it up again and again late at night. I woke up one morning to find the kitchen cabinet lying on the floor all crockery and glasses smashed on the floor.

It was the first time I was all on my own, just me, my own house, my own bills, my own life. As much as I loved my house I think really what I miss are the amazing people that I met in Nottingham. A city which is rough and scary sometimes brings with it amazing people who are fun and friendly and super supportive. 

Over time I have gone back to my house and it  has seemed sadder and sadder, it didn't help that the recession has hit Nottingham pretty badly and more shops were boarded up every time I came back. Finally in the summer I managed to persuade some of my friends to help me clear it out and I said goodbye. So although I am sad to see my little house go, it is good to say goodbye finally. I hope the next person that lives there likes it and looks after it. 

As a tribute to my little house and to say a final goodbye, here are the before and after photos.
The Kitchen

if you look carefully you can see the tile backsplash we put in together

The Living Room


The Garden

The Master Bedroom

The second Bedroom
I don't have an after picture of this one, but I can assure you it was rebuilt beautifully!

Goodbye little house

Lots of love


p.s. the photos of me in "about us" is of me in front of my house


  1. it looks like you made it a very happy house, I'm sure someone new will love it too now x

  2. I enjoyed this post - I always love a look round creative bloggers homes. I like how you'd set up the rooms and the colours you've used both on the walls and in the furnishings. As Tess says, it does look like it was a happy home for you.


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