snowflakes and pinecones

Dear Annie,

The Christmas crafting has begun for earnest in our house. S and are busy pretty much every day with some festive activity or another. Recently, it's been wrapping paper production. This year, under our Christmas tree, it'll be brown paper packages tied up with string (Papermash twine, if you're wondering).

We've been decorating the brown paper with snowflake stencils... which quickly developed into finger print snow... Perfectionism has no place when crafting with a three year old! I did manage to take the above pictures before the snowstorm, though.

We've also been out foraging for pinecones to make decorations. When we brought them in from the woods, they were tightly closed. An hour in a very low oven, however, and they had opened right up.

All they required was the application of pva glue and copious amounts of glitter and a little red yarn for hanging loops.

We even had a bowlful of pinecones leftover. If I can track down the supplies, I rather think that they may be destined to be transformed into pinecone firelighters like Emma's.

Love from,



  1. Beautiful! Love it all.. we are thinking of brown paper with white drawings on, but your snowflakes look lovely, might have to nick this idea! I am just wishing for real snow ... bring it on! Lou x

  2. They are such simple but beautiful decorations!

  3. oh for a real fire to adorn with pinecones x


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