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Dear Annie,

The gifts have now been given, so I won't spoil any surprises by showing you the handmade ones. Time was short this year, so there were just a couple, for two of the loveliest chaps in my life.

:: For my (cricket mad) brother, cast off at midnight on Christmas Eve - truly a last-minute knitted gift- a cricket jumper tea cosy to warm a vintage Woods ware teapot. Ravelled here.

:: For D, some homemade pinecone firelighters, scented with essential oils for a heavenly blaze. Tutorial here. The boys and I have already been out foraging for more, so I think this may become a regular make in our house.

Love from,



  1. you'll have to let us know how the fire lighters work out as they are on my 'to make' list, well done you with the handmade gifts, i did manage a hat but my hubs didn't get his jumper - i was still knitting it on xmas day!

  2. oh, firelighters are on my list too. the jersey is amazing. makes me want one for my teapot.

  3. I make a few handsewn teapot cosies, and I have to say I love the teapot jumper! It's such a great idea, and looks brilliant :)
    Helen x

  4. oh my that teapot jumper is brilliant! and the firelighters look great! even if they weren't a suprise.......

  5. Just love the cricket tea cosy!


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