a flurry of snowflakes

Dear Annie,

In the last few days, there's been a flurry of snowflake-making activity around here. As I showed you in my last post, I started crocheting some about a week ago, using this tutorial. Addictive is not the word! My little pile grew, and grew and the yarn ran out well before my inclination to keep hooking!

I blocked them using spray starch, so that they would be nice and stiff, ready for hanging. Some were paired with some buttons to make snowflake bunting, some hung on a door and that leaves several for the Christmas tree with a couple left over to be used as decorations on extra-special presents.

With snowflakes on the brain, it's no wonder that I felt compelled to make a few Kat-inspired doily snowflakes too...

I wonder if any actual snowflakes will be heading our way.

Love from, 



  1. Beautiful!!! I need to get me some doilies! Yes, fingers crossed for some snow..I love to see their little faces when it does.. excitement and wonder. Lou x

  2. We've just had a mini-ish pretend flurry (all of about 5 snowflakes!) Maybe some paper doilies would inspire the weather?

  3. ooh love those crochet flakes. xoxo


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