this year's wreath

Dear Annie,

Would you be surprised if I told you that this weekend was filled with festive preparations? I thought not! We took a trip to the farm shop to choose our Christmas tree, which we decorated as a family whilst accompanied by the glow of the fire. All the other decorations came out of the box too. I found last year's wreath, which I was pleased to hang up on the back door, but I felt that a new wreath was needed for our first country Christmas.

For the princely sum of 89p, the florist furnished me with a wire ring. A forage in our garden and the nearby woods provided the greenery. Add in some garden wire and a red ribbon, and our homemade wreath was complete and ready to adorn the front door.

It was also a weekend for present making. For grown ups, hot chocolate in a jar, adapted from this recipe. For children, playdough- also in a jar and inspired by this post and by this one.

Finally, there was time for just a little more paper doily crafting with the boys. This angel is now adorning the top of our Christmas tree, singing her little heart out.

Love from,



  1. Oh what a gorgeous wreath and huge thanks for that hot chocolate link. Off to investigate.

  2. I added an extra half cup of cocoa to the recipe and used 'Coffee Mate' as a substitute for non-dairy creamer. In the jars,I finished with a layer of marshmallows and chocolate chunks. Mmmm. Laura x

  3. Festive playdough! I want to be 5 years old again...
    Thanks for linking to the Making Winter bloghop.


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