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Dear Annie,

One of my priorities when we moved into the new house was setting up my crafting space. I definitely feel that my sanity and my crafting are closely linked and so it was crucial for me to get my fabrics and yarns, my sewing machine and knitting needles out of the boxes as soon as I could.

I haven't yet had the chance to do much of anything, but a new home is always full of potential projects. All that I have done so far is to make a couple of little curtains for the loft. Hardly any sewing was involved because the windows are small and they are the sort that hang on a wire. I enjoyed rummaging through my stash for suitable fabrics, though. The yellow and pink curtain is made from sari fabric that I bought whilst we were on honeymoon in India, and the pink Sanderson roses were a charity shop find.

There has also been a new addition to our home. I have named him Gerald after the mouse in the Pink Floyd song.

He was a gift from our lovely friend Tess over at Driftwood, who made him and who very sweetly offered to send him to me after I admired him on her blog. She has posted a rather fab tutorial, if you fancy making one yourself.
He is proving very popular with the smallest member of the family.

Tess also surprised me with some fabulous bunting. "Oooooooh!, bunting!", S exclaimed as I opened the parcel. That's my boy- too little to tie his shoelaces but he can spot bunting at fifty paces...

Thank you so much, Tess, you are kindness personified. We have curtains, we have a mouse and we have bunting. Now we can really call it home

Love from,



  1. & a lovely home it looks too! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your crafting space...

  2. Its looking very homely. I saw the little mouse tutorial and am keen to have a go - they are very sweet. Juliex

  3. Cute mousie!
    Must dust off my machine and have a go.
    Can't wait to see more of your lovely new place.
    Have a great week.

  4. hello mouse, glad you are settled well into your new home and that you have found a friend xxx

  5. eek eek. Read your tweet and thought you had a real one, scampering around. Now I now why you nonchalantly said one year old had him by the tail ..
    Curtains are lovely, beautiful fabrics


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