A Russian Feast

Dear Laura,

R decided that it was time to cook us a Russian feast, it was fantastic. He had some help in the kitchen from  R and G and yum is all I can say...
Smoked Halibut
Smoked Salmon and Caviar (yes that's right caviar wooooo oooo)
Borsht, although I am not a fan of beetroot (due to being fed pickled beetroot at school, ulllrrrk!), I am being won over by borsht and of course that incredible pink colour that they make everything.
The obligatory cabbage (this is a Russian meal after all)
 More caviar, yes thats right, turns out that only some kind of fishes caviar is expensive other types really aren't that pricey.
One of our guests was chinese and brought this delicious soup
The meal began and ended with "genuine Russian vodka with natural flavor". In the traditional style we were all supposed to drink the shots down in one. Well I am an old lady these days and have learnt that shots mean the next day is spent feeling sorry for myself under the duvet. I sipped but still I think we can all imagine I wasn't terribly alert when I woke up the next morning.

Lots of love


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  1. I love Russian food, especially Borsht! Sounds like you had a good evening- wish I'd been there...


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