Old Things and Memories

Dear Laura,

Sorry for not keeping you up to date with what has been happening, mostly this is because nothing has been happening except for work. That is all about to change with a weeks holiday coming up yipppppeeeeee! So instead of some new projects that I am working on, I am going to show you some old things some of which you might remember...

A couple of years ago I made these mitts.

I was experimenting with patterns and cables, the patterns were more successful than the cables. If you are wondering where the cables are, they are supposed to be in the pink part, but I didn't know how to do cables then so it just ended up being purl and plain in different orders. I have since discovered the two pointed needle.

And what were these lying on top of when I saw them today...
I still have this a decade later, it is a group picture we all did in Thailand.
and of course this one, a picture that a friend of ours drew in order to try to explain a dream he had had. Genius. I thought it might make you smile.

lots of love



  1. they are defiantly unique and fab all the same.

  2. Great gloves...but what an odd dream!

  3. Am glad I found your blog just when you were showing past makes, as I obviously hadn't seem them before! Great gloves!


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