A Mini Hibiscus Dress

Dear Laura,
Do you remember how I made a dress for my niece from some lovely bird fabric? Well I liked the fabric so much that I wanted to make a matching dress for myself. Luckily for her, her style remained hers as when I went back to the fabric store, it was all gone. I love having a niece as dresses are so easy to make and you can use the best fabrics for them, so when I had some leftover from my Hibiscus dress I could resist but make a little mini one for her.
It is in the same style as the pillow case dress I made here, these dress are so super easy it is unbelievable. 

I think the colours are a perfect match with the Autumn leaves which are currently peaking in DC. The bright blue skys and yellow and orange and red leaves are about to give way to the cold cold winter but I can be snuggly in my hibiscus dress knowing that maybe on the other side of the Atlantic my niece might also be wearing the same dress.
Lots of Love



  1. Lovely, your niece is very lucky. Juliex

  2. That is so cute. Gorgeous, gorgeous fabric .. so happiness-inducing.

  3. oh my lord that is soooo cute! Not quite sure how a summer dress works in the freezing cold winter but where there's a will, there's a way...


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