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Dear Annie,

We've made it. A new home, a new town, a new life... and eventually a new broadband connection. After months and even years of research, house-hunting, soul-searching and stresses, we walked through our new front door last week. 

R made full use of his vocabulary on moving day. "Man! Box! Hiya!" was his refrain. S arrived at his new home with whoops of delight and cries of "It's perfect, I love it!" and now that we have unpacked most of the boxes and begun to settle in, I have to say that I agree with him.

One of my top priorities was to find a new space for my sewing machine. Once again, it's up in the loft. There is a pretty view there but some very naked windows so some simple curtains are first on my list of new-home projects.

I'm also enjoying finding spots to enjoy a cuppa- the garden bench, and the chair at the kitchen table with a view of the hill are my current favourites.

Thanks so much to Kate and Tess for their cheering from the Twitter sidelines on and around moving day. Tess's top tip of cake for the removal men was almost certainly what spurred them on to lift the extremely heavy oak dresser up eight steep steps to the front door!

Love from,



  1. how lovely to take time to get to know your lovely new home! loving the colour of your new front door!

  2. hurray it's lovely. thank you for welcoming us into your new home. love your sewing space and that garden bench. oh my.
    ps glad the cake worked!

  3. Welcome to your new home! It looks so pretty.

  4. Beautiful. I think having a room at the top is a lovely place to be and there's certainly a lot of colour out there. Must say, I think you sound super-organised .. mind you, always important to get your priorities right. Crafting comes first!!
    Glad the encouragement helped!

  5. Congratulations on the new house, it looks lovely

  6. congrats! it looks like its going to make a lovely home.

  7. Congrats for your new house..is lovely

  8. Gosh it looks lovely. I'm sure you'll find even more comfy tea-drinking places as you get settled and unpacked. i'd love to have a proper sewing room, especially one with a view. Enjoy. Juliex


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