Dear Annie,

I've finished crocheting the flower garland for the yarnbombing project. I can't wait to see it in situ at the arts trail this weekend. I would have liked to have contributed more, but moving house has made the past few months rather busy round these parts. The lovely ladies running the project have worked incredibly hard and it will be so exciting to see everyone's yarny handiwork.

If anyone is in Bristol, do head over to Totterdown and take a look...

Love from,


PS: You can read about the project from the beginning by clicking on the yarnbombing category in the sidebar, or by looking here. As usual, there are more details on Ravelry.


  1. This will look amazing.
    I love yarn bombing!! Wish I lived closer to come and join in.
    Have fun.

  2. Oh they're so pretty, like colourful, little fairy lights for the daytime.

    Please post some photos of them in situ!

  3. I wish I could be there!

    Your garland is so pretty! Isn't amazing how you can spread joy with a few pieces of yarn? Wonderful.

  4. Very pretty and great for using up odds and ends.

  5. Gorgeous! Would live to do a large scale yarn bombing.

  6. That's gorgeous! I'm very impressed =)


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