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Dear Annie,

There were all sorts of changes for our family when we moved. One of the key ones was the shift from city living to country living. It has been a new experience for all of us, particularly D who has been a real city boy up until now.

S and R are thriving here, and within days of arriving, S had pronounced with great certainty: "Mummy, I am a countryside boy now!". He certainly is. Wellies are his footwear of choice and he is at his happiest when searching for toads, or encountering somewhat larger creatures. Foraging for conkers, pine cones and sticks is his favourite activity and he likes to be well-equipped for a ramble with rucksack, hammer and staff.

I have been foraging too- for the last sloes of the season, which were swiftly pricked and popped into a kilner jar to be shaken with some sugar and gin and hidden away in a cupboard to mature. We've been relishing walks with and without friends and just taking deep, deep breaths of the Autumn air, sweet with the scent of bonfires and damp leaves.

Finally, an update on the Totterdown yarnbombing project. Much to my disappointment, I wasn't very well and so I didn't make it there to see it myself, but it really did all look completely fabulous. The pictures below were taken by my friend Emily - thanks, Em! If you would like to see more then you can also find some here.


Love from,


Edited to add: I have actually managed to find a photograph of my own garland in situ in the cemetery! The picture below was taken by fellow knitter Violetta, who posted a link to it on Ravelry.You can see the rest of her lovely pictures here.


  1. It looks as if you've found a good place to be in the country! The yarnbombing looks great- shame you couldn't be there. I keep hoping that I'll stumble across some yarnbombing in Cambridge...

  2. oh it looks beautiful, love how the little one is well equipped! and the mouse in the tree. brilliant x


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