Copy Cat

Dear Laura,

I am a big fat copy cat. Last christmas you made an awesome coffee/tea mug holder as a last minute christmas gift (click here for a reminder). I thought it was just about the bees knees and have been dying to copy that owl pattern ever since. Now with a little bit of confidence after learning the new style of knitting (as an aside here, I haven't mastered purl in the continental style yet, it does seem a little more tricky but I think I would look like I was a knitting wizard if I could get it right), it was time to tackle the Owl.

This is actually a christmas present so I am not going to give too much away, but I did manage just about to get the owl right. I didn't know where the pattern came from so I had to make it up using just the picture of the mug cosy. This meant a couple of unravellings, a few bad words and some concentration. But then there he was, he just appeared as if by magic. I am terribly pleased with myself. 

So much so in fact that I decided to knit another one underneath. This actually led to me knitting backwards. I am not sure how that is possible but I started the round going the wrong way and ended up knitting inside out. So back to the unravelling and and muttering under my breath. I managed to right it and I think I will just stick with two owls from now on.

(beginning of Owl number 2 second time around.)

Lots of Love 



  1. oh so brilliant ! (I think you can find the owls on ravelry, but you seem to have worked them out brilliantly all by yourself x)

  2. that owl is lovely. x well done.


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